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The Sympathy Shop

The Sympathy Shop is a company creating collections and closet commodities that consequent compassionate conduct.

We offer animal rights activist apparel and accessories; Sympathy at Slaughter supporter supplies and stickers; Thought-provoking themes and threads. We ensure virtuous vegan quality and principle; All items are ethically sourced and locally produced.

Our bright designs and one-of-a-kind logo easily transforms any individual into an activist; helping you raise awareness everywhere you go!

Helping you help animals

All designs are related to animal rights and animal protection. Each sale helps to generate donations that make a difference for animals- those who have suffered or are still suffering.

Sympathy at Slaughter

Hannah offers love and sympathy while documenting her connection with animals and their experience bound for slaughter. Collecting content that is opening eyes and saving lives. Hannah is creating change and influencing the masses by exemplifying compassion, encouraging empathy and embracing her genuine passion for what she believes in.

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